Policy Number: 1999-006-io
Policy Title: Training Requirements for Animal Users

Purpose: This policy defines the minimum training requirements for individuals who use or care for animals at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and defines which of these individuals must be named on an ACUC-approved animal care and use protocol.

POLICY: Minimum training and assessment requirements must be met to ensure the appropriate care and use of live, vertebrate animals in research, teaching, and outreach activities, and to ensure the occupational safety of employees, students and visitors involved in the University of Wisconsin-Madison animal program. Required training varies based on animal user, species, and what work is being done with the animal.

Individuals who will be part of a research lab for more than 30 consecutive days and will be expected to work unsupervised with live vertebrate animals must be named in protocols as Study Team Members (Questions 14, 15 or 24 non-ARROW) in an ACUC-approved animal care and use protocol.

The guidance document associated with this policy identifies and describes each training and assessment requirement, defines distinct animal user groups (e.g. students) and which requirements are relevant to each, deadlines to complete each requirement, and a training matrix. Animal users must refer to the guidance document to assess what training is required.

Questions regarding this policy and the guidance document can be directed to the RARC training staff or the Chief Campus Veterinarian.

Consequences: Failure to fulfill the training requirements described in this policy and associated guidance document and proceeding to perform hands-on work with vertebrate animals not under direct supervision of a qualified individual will be considered a protocol violation (see All Campus APAC policy on Non-Compliance, 1999-008). Failure may also constitute a violation of University of Wisconsin Work Rules (Insubordination, including disobedience or failure to carry out assignments or instructions). The violation will be managed per the Animal Care Investigatory Standards Policy and accompanying Disciplinary Policy for all non-faculty employees whose duties involve animal care or use.

The UW-Madison Animal Care and Use Committees may, at their discretion, require training or retraining of animal users in addition to that described in the guidance document. This training may be required at any time, in whatever format the ACUC deems appropriate. The Committees may accept animal user training that is, in the shared opinion of the Chief Campus Veterinarian, ACUC Chair or designee, and ACUC Senior Program Veterinarian or designee, equivalent to the training described in the guidance document.


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Author: R. Lane, H. McEntee, E. Sandgren, B. Schiffman; C. Berridge
ePublication Date: [1999-09-02] (orig.)
History: amended: 11/2004; 12/2004; 3/2006; 7/2006; 8/2006; 9/2006; 10/2007; 1/2009; 9/2009; 10/2009; 4/2010; 1/2011; 7/2011; 1/2012; 11/2013; 5/2014; 12/2014; 2/2015; 4/2016; 7/2016; 10/2016