Policy Number: 2000-013-io
Policy Title: Principal Investigator Status for Animal Care and Use Protocols

Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to define the minimum requirements for an individual to hold Principal Investigator (PI) status for a University of Wisconsin-Madison Animal Care and Use Protocol. Such status carries with it final responsibility for any and all activities related to the work carried out under the protocol. This includes but is not limited to the completion of annual continuing reviews, the submission of renewals and amendments, and ultimate responsibility for the actions and safety of all personnel who use and care for animals in research, teaching, and outreach activities under an approved protocol. PI designation on a University of Wisconsin-Madison Animal Care and Use Protocol does not assure or imply any guarantee of PI status in any other University of Wisconsin-Madison context, office or laboratory space, personnel and fiscal management, or other department, school, college, or unit support, including employment.

POLICY: To be identified as a Principal Investigator (PI) on a University of Wisconsin-Madison Animal Care and Use Protocol, an individual must hold a current appointment that provides one of the following:

  1. University PI status (currently this includes tenure track faculty)
  2. PI status eligibility (which includes emeritus faculty, academic staff with the title Scientist, CHS Faculty, Laboratory Animal Veterinarian, Research Instructor, Lecturer, Faculty Associate, Program Manager, Research Program Manager, or Outreach Program Manager)
  3. An employee of the Morgridge Institute for Research (MIR) who has been granted PI status under MIR policy.

Members of group (2) must have on file at the RARC IACUC office a completed “Request for PI Status for Animal Care and Use Protocols” to verify Department Chair and Dean approval. Without a current (signed within three years of the submission date of the animal protocol) form an animal protocol will not be routed to the ACUC(s) for review. Individual ACUC's have the responsibility to determine if the individual identified on a protocol application as the PI is qualified to assume animal protocol PI status responsibilities. Persons denied PI status on animal protocols may appeal the individual ACUC's decision but the ACUC shall have final authority for such decisions.


Animal Welfare Act Regulations sec. 1.1 “Definitions”: Principal Investigator means an employee of a research facility, or other person associated with a research facility, responsible for a proposal to conduct research and for the design and implementation of research involving animals.

Author: R. Lane, N. Benevenga, E. Sandgren; B. Griffiths
ePublication Date: 09/20/2000
History: Amended 5/2006, 5/2011; 2/2015