Policy Number: 2003-015-io
Policy Title: Policy on Collaborative Research Projects, Sub-grants, and Subcontracts Taking Place at Non UW-Madison Facilities

Purpose: If research using live vertebrate animals is to be conducted at a non-UW-Madison facility and is supported by funds administered by UW-Madison or conducted by a UW-Madison employee or agent under a UW-Madison appointment or affiliation, an approved protocol or written agreement setting forth responsibilities for compliance obligations must be in place. This policy defines the responsibilities of investigators in these instances and outlines the options and obligations of the College/School Animal Care and Use Committees. Because the animal program at another institution is beyond the direct control of UW-Madison, it is imperative that animal-based research activities only be conducted at well-managed locations that comply with applicable regulatory requirements.


  1. Any UW-Madison investigator conducting collaborative research that involves the conduct of work with live vertebrate animals at a facility not owned or controlled by UW-Madison must ensure that an agreement between UW-Madison and the facility is in place prior to initiation of the research. For the purposes of this policy, “collaborative research” includes research conducted at another institution that is supported by funds administered by UW-Madison and/or conducted by a UW-Madison employee or agent under a UW-Madison appointment or affiliation.The agreement must document which entity is responsible for fulfilling compliance obligations such as animal care and handling and performance of IACUC functions. UW-Madison may require the collaborating institution to provide documentation of IACUC approval or other relevant materials.
  2. While federal regulatory agencies do not require duplicative review by both institutions, UW-Madison will not relinquish its right to review another institution’s animal use protocol. Determination of the need for duplicative review shall be made by the individual College/School Animal Care and Use Committee using established UW-Madison protocol review processes.
  3. If the research involves animals covered under the Animal Welfare Act (USDA), the non UW-Madison facility must be registered as a “Research Facility” with the USDA. If PHS funding supports the activity, the non UW-Madison facility must hold a current PHS Assurance. Research using live vertebrate animals at non-USDA registered or non-PHS assured institutions will adhere to OLAW’s guidance and will be reviewed by UW-Madison institutional representatives on a case-by-case basis.

Author: R. Lane, B. Barker, H.McEntee; B. Daly, J. Rodis
ePublication Date: 07/30/2003
History: Amended 10/2009; 4/2017