Policy Number: 2005-029-v
Policy Title: Oversight of Animal Care Performed by Research Staff

POLICY: Animal care provided by research staffs within dedicated vivarium space must be justified and detailed in an animal-use protocol and be approved by the Animal Care and Use Committee. Research staff must receive training to properly care for animals. This training must be documented.

    • Research staffs that perform any type of husbandry procedures, standard or otherwise, must document them in the same manner as dedicated animal care staffs.
    • Documentation of husbandry tasks must be kept in animal housing room(s) and be readily accessible to animal care staff and veterinary staff.
    • Animal care staff must check animal records or log sheets daily to confirm that required animal care tasks performed by laboratory staff are complete; animal care staff members must document this oversight activity.
    • It is the responsibility of the animal care staff to contact research staff if critical animal care duties (e.g., feeding or watering) that have been assumed by the research staff have not been performed or documented.
      • If there is no response from investigative staff within ~4 hours animal care staff must contact the veterinary staff and report the lack of response. The veterinary staff will then determine the course of action.
    Author: J. Welter
    ePublication Date:
    04/08/2005 (orig.)
    amended 10/2012, 8/2017