Policy Number: 2006-030-io
Policy Title: Access to Protocols and other Compliance Documents

Purpose: To ensure that University of Wisconsin–Madison protocols and compliance documents are accessible to University officials and employees, regulatory and granting agencies, and accreditation bodies with responsibilities pertaining to research activities. Also, to ensure that confidentiality of trade secrets, personnel records and security concerns are met.

POLICY: Access to protocols and other compliance documents at the Research Animal Resource Center ("RARC") is given to the Associate Director of RARC and his or her designee(s). Assisted access is given by RARC to University officials and employees with responsibilities pertaining to research activities, as well as representatives of state and federal regulatory and granting agencies and accreditation bodies. Access is limited as described above, as documents maintained by RARC may contain trade secret information subject to nondisclosure obligations, certain employee personnel records, as well as confidential information relating to research materials, facilities and personnel. Trade secrets may be kept confidential under section 19.36(5), Wis. Stats., certain personnel records must be kept confidential under section 19.36(10), Wis. Stats., and certain information pertaining to research activities, such as the security measures for specific research facilities and the location of hazardous materials or controlled substances, are exempt from disclosure per federal law (19.36(1), Wis. Stats.), 19.36(9), Wis. Stats., and the balancing test. These records must be reviewed by RARC, and confidential information redacted, prior to public release.

Author: B. Griffiths and L. Rusch
ePublication Date: 1/6/2006