Policy Number: 2008-035-v
Policy Title: Standards for Surgical and Postsurgical Care of Research Animals

Purpose: This policy provides direction to UW-Madison researchers for criteria and requirements when conducting survival surgery on research animals. Because of constant refinements to presurgical, surgical, and postsurgical methods, practices that may have been adequate in the past may need to be modified.

POLICY: Surgery-related practices (e.g., anesthetic methods, aseptic technique, suture removal) will be performed in accordance with the standards established in the Guide, the Agricultural Guide, and federal regulations and policies. These standards of practice are taught in classes given by the Research Animal Resources Center staff and therefore will be considered the standard of practice at UW-Madison.

Investigators who wish to use procedures or techniques that deviate from the standards must consult with a research animal veterinarian and must obtain ACUC approval in an animal care and use protocol prior to performing such work.

Author: J. Welter
ePublication Date: 3/3/2008
History: Replaces rescinded policies 1997-003 and 1997-005; Reviewed, no changes 9/2017