Policy Number: 2013-053-io
Policy Title: Tuberculosis Testing Requirements for Access to Facilities Housing Nonhuman Primates

Purpose: Tuberculosis is a transmissible disease between humans and nonhuman primates, one that causes high morbidity and mortality rates among nonhuman primates. Routine testing of all personnel having contact with nonhuman primates provides a means of controlling the possible outbreak and spread of this disease.

POLICY: In order to protect the nonhuman primates housed for research purposes across the UW-Madison schools and colleges from tuberculosis, the following are required:

  • New employees and new IACUC members must initially be tested for tuberculosis twice via intradermal tuberculin placement, 1-3 weeks apart, with both tests being negative before employees are granted access to facilities housing nonhuman primates. This requirement includes individuals who have received a BCG vaccine greater than three years ago.
  • After initial testing, all personnel wishing to maintain their ability to access facilities housing nonhuman primates must be tested semiannually for tuberculosis via intradermal tuberculin placement.
  • Personnel that are more than two weeks past due for TB screening will not have access to facilities housing nonhuman primates until clearance is obtained.
  • Personnel that have received a positive result on any diagnostic screening test will not have access to facilities housing nonhuman primates until follow-up diagnostic screening is complete and clearance is obtained.
  • Exceptions:
    • Individuals who received a BCG vaccination within the past three years should contact the UHS Occupational Medicine Nurse to discuss options.
    • For new employees and IACUC members with proof of a negative intradermal tuberculin test within the past year, a single initial intradermal tuberculin test may be sufficient.
    • Personnel with a history of positive reactions to tuberculin skin testing or those that cannot, for other reasons, receive tuberculin will not be skin tested. These individuals must obtain medical clearance annually as determined by a qualified medical professional (e.g., UHS Occupational Medicine) and submit a semiannual tuberculosis screening questionnaire to UHS. The medical clearance exam may include a QuantiFERON – TB blood test, a chest radiograph, and/or a general physical.
    • A single negative intradermal tuberculin test is acceptable for visitors with no direct nonhuman primate contact (e.g., media personnel, AAALAC International site visitors, and USDA and OLAW inspectors).

Author: R. Colman, S. Boehm, J. Malak
ePublication Date: 10/04/2013