Policy Number: 2014-054-v
Policy Title: Animal Transfer and Reassignment

POLICY: An animal may be transferred from one protocol to another when the following conditions are met:

  • Both protocols contain language allowing for the transfer of animals.
  • The senior program veterinarian or designee at the receiving location has given permission.

A record of the transfer and any supporting documentation must be kept. For all species this includes the transfer form and any other pertinent documentation. For USDA-covered species this should include:

  • Date of transfer
  • Original protocol number (PI)
  • Receiving protocol number (PI)
  • Initials/signature of veterinarian or designee approving the transfer

Multiple Surgeries
In no case may a veterinarian or an ACUC unilaterally approve a transfer that would involve an animal undergoing multiple major survival surgeries across protocols; this would require special review/approval.

Standing Transfers
In some cases, collaborating laboratories will transfer rodents between protocols on a regular and recurring basis. The senior program veterinarian or designee must oversee standing transfers, although individual records of such transfers may not be necessary. The senior program veterinarian or designee of the receiving protocol will review standing transfers as needed to maintain biosecurity.

Author: C. Patten, J. Welter
ePublication Date: 6/23/2014
History: Original 6/6/14; Reviewed, no changes 9/2017