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Policy Number: 2015-055-v
Policy Title: Acclimation After Transport


  • Vertebrate animal species arriving from outside the UW-Madison main campus will be allowed a minimum of 48 hours to stabilize, acclimate and recover from shipping stress prior to use in any survival procedure.
    • Acclimation periods shorter than 48 hours may be used with scientific justification and IACUC approval or with approval from an RARC or WNPRC veterinarian.
  • A minimum acclimation period is not required for animals intended for use after intra-campus transport or in non-survival procedures; it is however strongly recommended animals receive at least 48 hours post-transport acclimation prior to use in a research protocol.
  • An RARC or WNPRC veterinarian in their professional judgment may extend the acclimation period or deny the use of an animal for any medical reason.
  • For biosecurity purposes, RARC or WNPRC veterinarian approval is required to use animals in quarantine.

1. Institute for Laboratory Animal Resources (U.S.) 2011. Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals. Washington, D.C.: The National Academies Press.

C. Patten Jr., RARC veterinary unit
ePublication Date: 2/2015
History: Original 2/2015; Amended 7/2017