Policy Number: 2016-059-io
Policy Title: Post Approval Monitoring (PAM)

Purpose: Following protocol approval, continuing oversight of animal activities is required by federal laws, regulations, and policies. The UW-Madison post approval monitoring (PAM) program ensures quality animal care and use, confirms regulatory compliance, fosters partnership among principal investigators and research and animal program staff, promotes research success, and provides opportunities for teaching and learning.


At the UW-Madison, animal program quality, efficiency, and effectiveness are monitored by the ACUCs through the following activities: semiannual program reviews; laboratory/facility inspections conducted semiannually or separately; inspections and assessments by outside regulatory agencies; annual protocol updates; triennial protocol review; formal and informal observations by the ACUCs and/or veterinary staff; laboratory self-reports; reports from veterinary and animal care staff; and, formal laboratory assessments conducted by compliance staff.

All active animal research protocols under the purview of a UW-Madison ACUC are also eligible for formal laboratory assessment. Assessments may be conducted as part of routine monitoring efforts performed by RARC compliance or other staff, or may be specifically directed by an ACUC, the Chief Campus Veterinarian or the RARC Director. The scope of the review can include, but is not limited to: focused reviews of protocols and associated animal use records; inspection of animal use areas and materials; review of animal medical records; observation of animal research procedures; and, other tasks as directed by an ACUC, the Chief Campus Veterinarian, or the RARC Director. The results of the assessment will be communicated to all stakeholders.


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Author: N. Connor, M. Hunsley and S. Johnson-Schlueter

ePublication Date: 2016.04.14 (orig.)