SMPH Policy Number: 18

Policy Title: Conditioning and Quarantine Policy


All vertebrate animal species will be allowed a minimum of 48 hours to stabilize and acclimate to SMPH animal housing facilities and to recover from shipping stress prior to use in any survival procedure requiring anesthesia. Shorter periods may be used with preapproval from the SMPH - ACUC in an approved protocol or by an RARC research animal veterinarian. The conditioning period may be extended or animal use denied for any medical reason by the research animal veterinarian in his or her professional judgment.

Animals intended for use in approved non-survival surgery or terminal use protocols are not required to have a minimum conditioning period. However, it is strongly recommended that they receive at least 48 hours acclimation prior to utilization in a research protocol.
All vertebrate animals will be housed in animal rooms based on species, health monitoring and/or disease surveillance history. When possible animals from a single source will be housed separately from other animals until health status can be evaluated. Animals placed in quarantine require veterinary approval for use while in quarantine.

  • Non-Human primates from non-UW sources will be quarantined upon arrival in accordance with BRMS policy #203.
  • Other USDA-covered species will be quarantined in accordance with BRMS policy #203d.
  • Rodents will be quarantined in accordance with BRMS policy #203a.

Any exceptions to this policy must be included and scientifically justified in an animal use protocol approved by the SMPH-ACUC.

Role of Investigator:

The Investigator is responsible for adhering to this policy, and assuring all personnel working with animals under the Investigator’s ACUC-approved animal use protocols adhere to this policy.

Role of Veterinary Staff and BRMS Staff:

The research animal veterinary staff and BRMS staff will work cooperatively to ensure this policy is followed, and will report deviations to the ACUC.

Role of Animal Care and Use Committee:

The ACUC shall review proposed protocols for conformity to this policy and enforce compliance.


Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, NRC, 2011

Animal Welfare Regulations (9 CFR, chapter I, subchapter A, Parts 1-4)


Approved August 13, 2007
Effective date September 1, 2007
Revised March 1, 2010