SVM Policy Title: ACUC Oversight of the Use of Animals for Continuing Education (CE) Events Involving SVM Faculty or Instructors

  1. Any CE program that uses UW-owned animals will only be permitted when an existing SVM ACUC-approved protocol, or amendment to same, includes descriptions of the procedures to be performed on and with those animals.
  2. One of the faculty/instructors listed on the SVM ACUC-approved protocol must be present at all times during the animal use portion of the CE program.
  3. Instructors from outside of the UW system will not need to be added to the protocol in an amendment, nor required to fulfill campus animal handling or occupational health and safety training requirements, provided they are experts in their field, and familiar and experienced with the animal procedures to be performed.
  4. It is the responsibility of the faculty member/instructor in charge of the CE program and who will be present at the meeting (see 1 above) to ensure that the external instructor has a satisfactory background with the procedures to be performed. This must be documented in association with the CE program by retaining a professional curriculum vitae (CV) or resume substantiating the external instructor’s experience and expertise.
  5. CE programs that use privately (non-UW) owned animals do not require protocols unless the instructor intends using the CE program for research purposes.
  6. Failure to comply with this policy will result in disciplinary action by the SVM ACUC and/or the Dean’s office.


Adopted: April 10, 2007