Newsletter Archives

Published quarterly, the RARC e-newsletter is a digest of news, resources, guidance, and events. Get caught up on past issues below.

Please contact the newsletter editor if you have ideas for future topics or questions about past ones.

Newsletter 1: RARC Services; specialized training; grant-protocol compliance; PI Portal; controlled substance guidance; protocol copying; AAALAC accreditation

Newsletter 2: survey results; policy updates; copy and paste in protocols; making personnel and funding changes in ARROW; letters of support for grant applications; new NIH requirements; cell line authentication; how to contact vet staff

Newsletter 3: policy updates; expired substances; free pathology consultation; mouse research services; ARROW: help, hide/show errors, hazards

Newsletter 4: strain cryopreservation; expired substances; breeding optimization; pathology special stains; ARROW: responding to review questions

Newsletter 5: new IO; liquid controlled substances inventory; ARROW: nonreview changes, protocol templates; whistle blower policy; getting the most from pathology reports

Newsletter 6: policy suffixes; anesthesia leaks; how to find review questions; eyewash stations; research resources; tissue collection service

Newsletter 7: AAALAC visit; emergency contact information; ARROW validation errors; staff recognition award; controlled substances