Effective April 6, 2017, policy numbers have suffixes to reflect the authority responsible for policy implementation: “IO” for Institutional Official, “V” for Attending Veterinarian, and “C” for Animal Care and Use Committee. “ACAPAC” is no longer used.

Direct questions and comments about a specific policy to the responsible authority.

Policy Changes Since August 2014

The following changes and additions were made to policies in 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014.

2017 Changes & Additions to Policies

2015-055-v - Acclimation after Transport

  • updated and modified to harmonize with SMPH ACUC-specific policy on length of acclimation before procedures
2010-038-v - Genotyping of Mice and Rats
  • updated and modified 8/2017 to harmonize with SMPH ACUC-specific policy on number of toes and age at which anesthesia is required
2007-033-v - Disease Management Policy for Laboratory Animals
  • updated and modified for clarity, guidance document added
2007-034-v - Disease Management Policy For Use of Livestock in Teaching, Research and Outreach
  • RESCINDED 9/2017, made redundant by modifications to Policy 2007-033-v.
2010-037-io - Use of Non-pharmaceutical Grade Compounds in Research Animals and its SOPs
  • modified for clarity
  • single long SOP broken into guidance documents and compound-specific SOPs
2005-028-v - Policy Regarding Novel Substances Tested in Laboratory Animals
1999-008-io - Non-Compliance and its SOPs
  • modified to remove outdated references to ACAPAC
  • simplication of text in points 5, 6, & 7
  • SOPs modified to harmonize the “definitions” at the beginning of all SOPs, expansion/clarification of what is meant by “animal activities” (vs. animal use privileges)
2006-030-io - Access to Protocols and Other Compliance Documents
  • updated and modified for clarity
1997-002-io - PPE for Personnel Working with Old World Non-human Primates
  • rescinded, redundant to facility SOPs and Policy 2012-047-io (“Access to UW Animal Use Areas and Required Protective Attire”)
2013-052-v - Cage Labeling Requirements
  • amended to remove the “purpose” statement and to simplify the text throughout
2005-029-v - Oversight of Animal Care Performed by Research Staff
  • title change
  • purpose statement removal
  • text simplified
2012-045-v - Laboratory Housing of Animals
  • text simplified
  • purpose statement removed
  • companion guidance document added
2011-043-v - Campus Transport of Laboratory Animals
  • text simplified and updated
  • purpose statement removed
2012-046-v - Use of Tribromoethanol [Avertin]
  • rescinded and incorporated into Policy 2010-037-v (Non-pharmaceutical-Grade Compounds in Animals)

2012-050-v - Adverse Event Reporting

  • amended 2/2017 to clarify the types of events to be promptly reported
NEW POLICY 2017-060-v - Use of Expired Substances in Animals
  • adopted 2/2017

2016 Changes & Additions to Policies

2012-049-v - Laboratory and Teaching Animal Adoption

  • amended 6/2016 to clarify the process and authorizations required to complete animal adoptions

NEW POLICY 2016-059-io - Post Approval Monitoring (PAM)

  • adopted 4/2016

NEW POLICY 2016-058-c - Veterinary Verification and Consultation (VVC)

  • adopted 4/2016

1999-006-io - Animal Care and Use Authorization and Mandatory Training

  • amended 11/2016 for clarity
  • title changed to "Training Requirements for Animal Users"
  • added guidance document describing specific training requirements for specific types of animal users
  • added visual matrix describing training requirements by user group

2010-037-io - Non-pharmaceutical-Grade Compounds in Animals

  • Guidance amended to clarify that prepared solutions with no pharmaceutical alternative are considered expired 30 days after mix date unless there is published data to the contrary (see also Animal User Requirement #5 )

2015 Changes & Additions to Policies

NEW POLICY 2015-055-v Acclimitization After Transport

  • adopted 2/2015

NEW POLICY 2015-056-v Maintenance of Animal (Rodent or Smaller) Guillotines

  • adopted 4/2015

NEW POLICY 2015-057-v Use of Wire-bottomed Caging to House Laboratory Rodents

  • adopted 6/2015

1999-006-io - Animal Care and Use Authorization and Mandatory Training

  • amended 12/2014 to add the Animal Contact Risk Questionnaire (ACRQ) requirement
  • amended 2/2015 to add a new required training module for hazard communication in animal facilities
  • amended 9/2015 to allow waivers from the Lab Animal Surgery training to be granted by vets and chairs and to not require full vote of the ACUC

1999-010-v - Use of Sedatives, Analgesics, and Anesthetics

  • amended 5/2015 to add statement to point 1 stating procedures that cause pain/distress in a human should be assumed to cause similar effects in animals
  • amended 8/2015 to update to the current edition of the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, and minor grammatical changes

2012-045-v - Laboratory Housing of Animals

  • amended 8/2015 to expand requirements for lab housing areas and husbandry training of lab staff based on feedback from AAALAC

2003-024-io - Assignment of Protocols to UW-Madison ACUCs

  • amended 8/2015 to clarify the overall process for protocols that “cross” ACUC jurisdiction

2010-039-io - Identifying and Managing Conflicts of Interest

  • amended 6/2015 to define circumstances under which a direct and subordinate supervisory relationship exists between a Principal Investigator and an ACUC member reviewer constitutes a conflict of interest

2007-032-v - Tumor Burden in Rodents

  • amended 5/2015 to harmonize with the similar SMPH policy; exceeding the limits stated in the policy for tumor burden must be scientifically justified in the protocol

2007-033-v - Disease Management of Laboratory Animals

  • amended 2/2015 to emphasize awareness of the potential disease risk that non-University owned animals could pose to research animals

2000-013-io - Principal Investigator Status for Animal Care and Use Protocols

  • amended 2/2015 to include the new required “Request for PI Status for Animal Care and Use Protocols” form for some investigators

2014 Changes to Policies

2004-025-io - Occupational Health Program Enrollment

  • amended 12/2014 to significantly rewrite and reorganize the information

2003-017-io - Whistle Blower Policy and Posting

  • amended 11/2014 to add the VCRGE “tip line” for reporting concerns anonymously

2010-037-io - Use of Non-pharmaceutical-Grade Compounds in Animals

  • amended 10/2014 to clarify vaccines, fungal spores, bacteria, and other substances do not need to be justified if nonpharmaceutical

1999-007-io - Complete Protocol Submission

  • amended 8/2014 to include ARROW protocols

2002-014-io - Protocol Renewal Process

  • amended 8/2014 to include ARROW protocols

2002-020-c - Designated Review of Protocols

  • amended 8/2014 to include ARROW protocols

2011-040-io - Nonaffiliated ACUC Members

  • amended 8/2014 to refine the definition of “nonaffiliated"