Specific Pathogen Free Mouse Breeding Core

The RARC breeding service provides reliable, economical, and efficient breeding colonies of mice to support research project needs. As the mouse has become more common in biomedical research, so has the need for expertise in breeding these immunodeficient, mutant, transgenic, and gene-targeted mice. This service allows a researcher to focus more on research goals and less on animal care and colony management issues.

Mice are housed in a specific pathogen free (SPF) facility at the Biotron in Innovive ventilated microisolator cages. All caging equipment, bedding, and enrichment items are sterile, and mice are provided with irradiated feed and acidified water.

Breeding services can include:
  • Setting up mating pairs*
  • Weaning*
  • Culling*
  • Secure web-based colony records*
  • Transport of animals to lab or housing facility*
  • Embryo collection for rederivation into facility*
  • Timed mating
  • Animal identification
  • Tissue collection for PCR
  • Genotyping using Transnetyx
  • Blood collection/IP or SQ injections
  • Tissue harvesting
  • Special diets (irradiated)
  • Cryopreservation of existing lines
  • Other procedures as requested by the investigator

Aseptic mouse cage (up to 5 adult mice) $0.93/day

*Includes all services marked with * above. An additional $40.00/hr will be charged for other services requested.

Access to breeding facility

Mice will not enter the facility unless they are rederived or are shipped directly to the Biotron from an approved vendor. Rederivation services are available on campus at the Transgenic Animal Facility at no to low cost. Our staff will collect the reproductive tracts, and procedures will be covered on our protocol.

In order to minimize the risk of rodent pathogens and ensure a quiet breeding environment, there is no access to breeding colonies by lab staff. Our trained staff provides you with study animals delivered right to your lab or housing facility.

For more information
Jody Peter BS, CVT, ALAT 608-890-0669, peter@rarc.wisc.edu
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