Decontamination (Bioquell)

The hydrogen peroxide vapor (HPV) decontamination system is an effective sterilant that kills viruses, bacteria, and fungi. It works by depositing a microscopic condensation layer of hydrogen peroxide on all surfaces. Because it's residue free, there's no need to wipe down surfaces after use.

Appropriate uses

  • Animal and procedure rooms
  • Animal equipment
  • Research equipment including sensitive electronic equipment
  • Research lab work areas
  • Material or supply pass-through hoods
  • Animal transfer stations


  • Room rent - $120/room/day
  • Tech time - $40/hr
  • Hydrogen peroxide, tape, plastic - $40.00
  • Quality control (apex indicators and soy broth media) - $6.60 each (minimum of 7 needed per smaller room, minimum of 11 needed per room larger than 400 sq ft).
  • Delivery - $29.90/hr, 15 min minimum

Preparation for treatment

  • Hydrogen peroxide does not work well on absorptive materials. Remove animal bedding, books, folders, papers, cardboard boxes, paper towels, etc.
  • Seal all air vents.
  • Clean and dry surfaces.

NOTE: The HPV generator applies a layer of hydrogen peroxide to surfaces only; it will not decontaminate under computers or cages, inside closed desk drawers or cupboards, etc.

To request the RARC hydrogen peroxide vapor decontamination service, send an email to Jody Peter with the following information:

  • Contact information: your name, phone number, department, department address, and email address
  • Principal investigator's name
  • Billing information: department ID, fund number, program code, project number, internal work order number (if applicable), departmental billing officer's name and phone number.

Orders will not be placed without correct billing information. Consult with your department secretary or billing officer if you have questions about billing information.