RARC Rodent Quarantine Program

The RARC Rodent Quarantine Program, located within a Biomedical Research Model Services (BRMS) facility, provides services to all campus researchers with rodent lines coming to the UW-Madison campus from non-approved vendor sources.

These rodent lines may have pathogens that can affect research, and ascertaining what pathogens the rodents have is necessary to determine which UW facilities they are permitted to be housed in. 

Comprehensive infectious disease testing is performed by IDEXX Bioresearch. Pooled PCR testing is typically utilized and mice can be released to designated locations within 2 weeks (*unless excluded pathogens detected).  

At times rodent lines must be rederived in order to "clean up" a particular line from unwanted pathogens and/or for housing in clean facilities. Genome Editing and Animal Models (GEAM) here on the UW campus provides rederivation services to investigators.

Pathogen testing, cage per diems and GEAM service costs are the labs responsibility.

In order to minimize the risk of rodent pathogens and ensure a quiet acclimating environment, there is no access to quarantine by research staff.

Please see our Rodent Quarantine Info handout for program details.  

You may also contact:

Melinda LoSasso
Rodent Quarantine Coordinator
Email: quarantine@ahw.wisc.edu
Phone: 608-516-5352
Kathy Krentz
GEAM Program Manager
Email: kjkrentz@wisc.ecu
Phone: 608-890-3785
Rachel Glab
RARC Animal Transfer Program Coordinator
Email: transfers@ahw.wisc.edu
Phone: 608-220-7254
Jody Peter
BRMS SPF Breeding Core Manager
Email: jody.peter@brms.wisc.edu
Phone: 608-890-0669
Brigitte Raabe DVM, DACLAM
RARC Program Veterinarian
Email: raabe@rarc.wisc.edu
Phone: 608-265-3317
After-Hours Emergency Veterinarian