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Rodent Quarantine Program

The RARC Rodent Quarantine Program provides services to researchers who have rodent lines coming to UW-Madison from non-approved vendors.

These rodent lines may be infected with pathogens that can affect research, and ascertaining what pathogens the rodents may have is necessary to determine the UW facilities in which they are permitted to be housed in.
Comprehensive infectious disease testing is performed by IDEXX Bioresearch. Pooled PCR testing is typically utilized and mice are released to “Level 3” facilities within 3 weeks* of arrival to UW-Madison (*unless excluded pathogens detected).

At times rodent lines must be rederived in order to "clean up" a particular line from unwanted pathogens and/or for housing in clean “Level 1” facilities.

The RARC Rodent Quarantine Program provides all rederivation services of non-vendor animals for housing in the RARC SPF Mouse Breeding Core.

We collaborate with the Transgenic Animal Facility (TAF) on campus for all needed rederivation services (embryo rederivation, cesarean rederivation, or cross fostering) and cryopreservation needs of quarantine animals.

Services provided to researchers, AT NO COST:

  • Collection and submission of samples for testing
  • Treatment of mites and pinworms
  • Rederivation scheduling, superovulation injections, matings and tract collection
  • Ordering of rodents for breeding and/or rederivation needs
  • Breeding and weaning
  • Culling
  • Tissue collection for genotyping (tail tipping, ear punching)
  • Ear punching/notching for identification
  • Coordination of transport do animals on and around campus
Charged to researchers: aseptic mouse cage (up to 5 adults) $1.13/day, applicable testing fees, animals ordered from approved vendors and applicable TAF fees.

In order to ensure biosecurity and a quiet breeding environment only approved staff are permitted access to the quarantine facility.

For additional information, contact:

Melinda LoSasso, BS, CVT