The Caring for Animals in Research Employee Scholarship (“CARES”) fund supports UW-Madison unit employees involved in the care of animals used for research, teaching, and outreach activities by helping to pay for the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician (ALAT) certification exam. These employees are the front line of defense in assuring that the research animals are healthy and well cared for, which in turn provides the healthiest research models and, thus, the highest-quality research results possible. AALAS, a national organization (, offers professional certifications that can advance these employees in their careers.

Apply for a scholarship: If you are an ART, plan to take the AALAS ALAT exam, and wish to apply for the CARES scholarship, click here to download the application. Effective February 2014, CARES applicants may request a scholarship to cover the LAT or the LATG certification exam instead of the ALAT exam. Only one scholarship will be awarded per individual. RARC veterinary technicians are eligible to apply for CARES.

Donate to the fund: Gifts can be made directly to the CARES fund via the UW Foundation by check, online, and other ways.
1. Visit the UW Foundation website at
2. Under "How to Give" at the top of the window, choose "Make a Gift" and follow the on-screen instructions.

However you choose to give, it is important that you clearly identify your gift for the "CARES fund" or "fund 12446392." Without this information, your gift will go into a general fund and not directly to the CARES fund.

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