Lab Notebook

Principal investigators are responsible for documenting their research staff training relevant to the care and use of animals, including procedures and techniques taught on live animals by the investigator or a qualified designee.

The Laboratory Training Notebook can be used for documentation purposes. Additional/replacement forms for documenting training can be found below.

New Employee Checklist
If you have a new employee who will be working with research animals, use this checklist to ensure they complete the training required to work with research animals on approved protocols.

Protocol Documentation
All employees must read and understand their laboratory’s animal use protocols. Document this training with this form.

Laboratory SOP Documentation
All employees must read and understand their laboratory’s Standard Operating Procedures. Document this training with this form.

Hands-On Training Verification
Procedural and technique training performed on live animals in the laboratory by a designated individual must be documented. Use this form for documenting hands-on training.

Controlled Substances Administration Log
DEA requires that records be kept of all controlled substances administered to animals. This form may be used to document controlled substances used in your lab. Other controlled substance records required include: inventory reports, invoices and packing slips, loss and theft reports, destruction and disposal reports and DEA Forms. Read more about these records requirements.

For a complete binder and/or tutorial of the Laboratory Training Notebook, please contact the RARC trainers.

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