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The Research Animal Resources Center (RARC) provides veterinary, laboratory, and training services in support of quality animal care; oversight and assistance to assure compliance with all laws, regulations, and rules governing the care and use of laboratory animals; and direct or collaborative research and/or consultation on animal models for biomedical research.

photos: Jeff Miller/University of Wisconsin–Madison

** Updates **

-- Substance Administration

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) investigators have recently been visiting the UW-Madison campus and have cited at least one principal investigator for noncompliance with DEA regulations regarding controlled substances storage, documentation, and disposal. To help other PIs avoid similar citations, RARC updated controlled substances guidance for DEA registrants.

In addition, as of October 2014, DEA regulations for proper destruction of expired or waste controlled substances have changed. Read the updated expired substances guide.

-- New Rodent Surgical Form

RARC designed a new customizable form that enables mouse and rat users to record surgical and anesthetic details, as well as post-operative monitoring notes, all in one place. Download the form.

Understanding the Role of Animals in Biomedical Research

An RARC outreach course for middle and high school students

Area instructors, particularly those teaching biology, veterinary science, or agriculture classes, are invited to schedule a visit to participate in this free outreach course presented by RARC trainers.

Topics covered include the benefits of biomedical research, the ethics of using animals in research, the training required for employees working with research animals and career opportunities in the laboratory animal field. Students will also participate in an interactive hands-on lab, which can be tailored to fit specific course curriculums.

To schedule a visit, contact UW-Madison Campus and Visitor Relations or RARC.

For more information on biomedical research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, visit Animals in Research and Teaching at UW-Madison.

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