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Policy Updates

Anesthetics, analgesics, euthanasia agents, rescue drugs, and medical materials that are past their expiration date may not be effective for reducing and treating animal pain and distress. A new, succinct policy reiterating established federal regulations clearly states expired substances cannot be used in or on animals except in very specific circumstances such as acute terminal procedures. View the policy HERE.

Everyone in the UW research community (Principal Investigators, research staff, animal caretakers, veterinarians, compliance staff) is an equal partner in the animal care program and has a responsibility to share information and report adverse events. Read the recently updated policy on reporting HERE.

Read about other new and amended policies.

PI Portal

The new PI Portal is a dashboard for all your research administration, compliance, and training information. As a PI, you can delegate viewing rights to anyone with a UW-Madison NetID (such as a lab manager).

Analgesic Services

Veterinary staff can provide your mice or rats with long-lasting analgesics upon request.

Visit Rodent Analgesia Service for more information.

RARC Outreach Course for Middle and High School Students

Area instructors, particularly those teaching biology, veterinary science, or agriculture classes, are invited to schedule a visit to participate in this free outreach course presented by RARC trainers.

Topics covered include the benefits of biomedical research, the ethics of using animals in research, the training required for employees working with research animals, and career opportunities in the laboratory animal field. Students will also participate in an interactive hands-on lab, which can be tailored to fit specific course curricula.

To schedule a visit, contact UW-Madison Campus and Visitor Relations or RARC.

For more information on biomedical research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, visit Animals in Research and Teaching at UW-Madison.

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