Getting Started with ARROW

Keep these basic tips in mind when you're new to ARROW.
  • Make sure you enable pop-ups. ARROW uses them.
  • Make sure your study team members have completed "Introduction to Animal Research" and set up their profiles.

Before you can add a study team member, he/she must complete "Introduction to Animal Research" (see In addition, the study team member should click on "My Profile" at the top of and log in with NetID to add required information.

ARROW will automatically populate the information under each person's profile into your protocol.

Study team members should continue to add training to their profile as they complete a class. Note that if study team members take RARC courses, those classes appear automatically in a separate section of the profile.

  • Make sure the PI completes the first page of the application, at a minimum.
A PI always has to log in and complete the first page of an application, including the assigning of writers, before a writer can take over.
    • Know about ARROW help.

    You'll find more detailed explanations of the information required for your protocol by clicking on the blue question mark icon next to page titles. If you don't find what you need, send us an email.

    • Know about saving and navigating.

    Click "Continue" or "Save" on the top or bottom of pages to save your work.

    Click "Continue" to move forward through your protocol application and the browser back button to move backwards. NOTE! You must click "Save" before moving backward through your application or you'll lose your work.

    You can jump to different sections of the application by using the "Jump Around" menu at the top of the screen. It launches a drop-down menu from which you can select the section or page where you want to work. The menu will change depending on how you answer certain conditional questions.

    • Know about some of the trickier sections you'll encounter.

    Species selection

    If you type directly into the box, use % as a wildcard to greatly increase your chance of finding what you're looking for., e.g., %cat will retrieve Little spotted cat, Gray catbird, Domestic cattle, etc. If you can't find your species, send an email to

    Species details

    Species information has its own section in the protocol. Don't overlook it; at first it's easy to miss!

    Once you've identified the species you'll use in your protocol, you must click on the "Species Details" button to answer more detailed questions about each species. Each of your species will appear in a separate row and you must click on the "Species Detail" button to answer questions about each species separately.


    Type "vivarium" or the room number into the search box and then select the appropriate location from the drop down menu.

    Each location must be associated with at least one procedure and each procedure must be associated with a least one location.

    Assignments and Qualifications

    Each study team member must be associated with a species and each species and/or painful procedure must be associated with a least one study team member.

    • To Complete and Submit a New Protocol

    1. Log in and complete the first page of the application.

    Principal investigators must log in and complete the first page of the application. After that, anybody designated as a protocol writer on the first page can log in to complete the rest of the protocol.

    Log in to ARROW with your NetID and password at

    Then click on "My Home" at the top of the page to navigate to your Personal Workspace.

    2. Click on the "New Animal Protocol" button on the left-hand side of the page.

    A fresh protocol application opens and you can begin answering questions. When you are done, click "Save" and then "Exit."

    3. Submit your finished application for a veterinarian prereview.

    Only a PI can submit a protocol, so he/she must be logged in.

    On the left-hand side of the protocol workspace, click on the "Submit for Vet Prereview" button.

    4. Respond to the veterinarian's questions

    After the veterinarian finishes your prereview, ARROW will send you an email alert to let you know your protocol is in your IACUC Inbox. Click on the protocol name to enter its workspace.

    You'll find the veterinarian's prereview concerns in two places: under the Reviewer Notes tab in the Protocol Workspace and within the protocol itself on the top of any page where a note has been entered.

    Although you can respond through either place, the easiest way is by clicking on "Click here to respond" under each concern listed in the Reviewer Notes tab. Then click on the page title to edit the text within your application, too.

    You must acknowledge the veterinarian's questions, even if you don't edit your application.

    When you're finished responding to the veterinarian's comments, click on the "Submit for IACUC Review" button in your Protocol Workspace to send it to your committee.

    After-Hours Emergency Veterinarian