Animal Transport

See also
Policy 2011-043-v
Campus Transportation of Laboratory Animals

Policy 2015-055-v
Acclimitization After Transport

Animal transfer help

Animals may only be transported according to the plans described in an applicable approved protocol for animal preparation and travel routes.

Animal transportation should be planned to minimize transit time, address occupational health risks, and protect the animals from physical trauma, temperature extremes, and overcrowding.

Vehicles dedicated for animal transport use and based at an animal housing facility are inspected when the facility is inspected.

If a personal vehicle or a UW vehicle not dedicated for animal transport is used, the transporter must take these steps to get permission:

1) Complete the Animal User Orientation class.
2) Submit the RARC transportation form, Permission to Transport Animals Using a Privately Owned or Non-designated Vehicle (NDV).

Campus animal transport services

BRMS transport service: Learn more
SVM transport service: Contact Animal Resource Center at

Campus transportation services are NOT available for all facilities. The campus Animal Transfer Coordinator will automatically send transfer approval and a transport request to the transportation staff on site at the facilities involved in the transfer if:

  • you've checked the box on the transfer form requesting transportation assistance,
  • AND
  • transportation services are available for the building(s) involved.