College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) IACUC

The CALS IACUC oversees 13 campus animal facilities and 14 agricultural research stations throughout the state. Oversight of daily operations at these facilities falls under various departments, faculty supervisors, facility managers, and individual principal investigators. The agricultural research stations are centralized under a CALS administrative unit.

Veterinary prereview requirement

The CALS IACUC requires that all new and three-year renewal protocol applications receive an RARC veterinary pre-review before they are reviewed by the CALS IACUC. This will happen automatically when submitting via ARROW and clicking on the “Submit for Pre-review” activity button. Please note, that for renewals you will continue to receive reminder notifications until the protocol is actually submitted for IACUC review. Please allow two weeks for the pre-review process.


For animal facility information, contact an RARC veterinarian or the IACUC office (, 608-265-3989).

Separate barn protocols are required to request specific animals for projects once the IACUC approves an animal protocol. Investigators should contact the farm directors for more information.

Wildlife field studies and zoo animal studies

Projects that involve non-contact, observational studies of wildlife species in the field, or observational studies of zoo animals, do not require an ACUC-approved protocol. Researchers may want to contact the editors of journals in which data from these studies may be published for journal-specific expectations of IACUC approval. Contact the IACUC office or an RARC veterinarian for more information.

CALS IACUC policies