School of Medicine and Public Health (SMPH) IACUC

The SMPH IACUC oversees the largest of the UW-Madison animal care programs, including projects at the School of Pharmacy. Oversight encompasses seven campus animal facilities and three off-campus facilities. The research program is biomedical, and many projects are collaborative, including collaborations with the Veterans Administration Hospital. For more information visit Biomedical Research Model Services (BRMS).

Veterinary prereview requirement

Effective March 16, 2015, the SMPH IACUC requires all New and Renewal protocol applications receive an RARC veterinary pre-review before they are reviewed by the SMPH IACUC. This will happen automatically when submitting via ARROW and clicking on the “Submit for Pre-review” activity button. Please note, that for renewals you will continue to receive reminder notifications until the protocol is actually submitted for IACUC review.

Submitting protocol for IACUC review

Once you have received a preview response from the selected RARC veterinarian, respond to each concern and then submit for IACUC review. Select the “Submit for IACUC review” activity button.

Research animal services, including animal ordering and daily husbandry, are provided by BRMS. For complete information call 263-6466.

Access to animal facilities is strictly controlled and special training requirements apply. For complete information call 263-6466.

SMPH IACUC policies