SMPH Policy Number: 8 Policy Title: Housing of Medical School Animals in non-AAALAC International Accredited Facilities


All animals assigned to Medical School funded animal use protocols shall be housed in AAALAC International accredited facilities.

IACUC Responsibilities:

The Medical School IACUC is responsible for general oversight of the Medical School's animal care and use programs in accordance with AAALAC International standards.

Investigator Responsibilities:

Medical School investigators are responsible for carrying out their protocols as approved by the Medical School IACUC to include housing all Medical School owned and/or funded animals assigned to their protocols in AAALAC International accredited facilities. (Note: This policy is not intended to prohibit or prevent Medical School investigators from collaborating with non-Medical School investigators on approved non-Medical School funded animal use protocols.)

Biomedical Research Model Services (BRMS) Responsibilities:

Animal Care is responsible for operating and maintaining all Medical School animal facilities in accordance with AAALAC standards.


Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, ILAR/NRC, 2011

Animal Welfare Regulations (9 CFR, chapter I, subchapter A, Parts 1-4)


Approved May 1, 2000
Effective June 1, 2000
Amended January 2001