School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM) IACUC

The SVM IACUC oversees a program that encompasses two campus animal facilities and three off-campus facilities. Daily operations oversight of the facilities is primarily centralized under the Animal Resources Center (ARC). The research program is generally focused on the teaching mission of the school to train veterinary students; the improvement of techniques, treatments, and therapies for client-owned animals; and basic biomedical research. For more information visit the School of Veterinary Medicine.

Veterinary prereview requirement

The SVM IACUC now requires that all new and three-year-renewal protocol applications must be prereviewed by an RARC veterinarian before they can be submitted to the SVM IACUC for review and approval. This prereview is automatically included in the new online ARROW system for protocol application and review.

Submitting protocol for IACUC review

For instructions on how to submit an application for IACUC review, see Protocols > Forms & Instructions.

Animals and facilities

For animal ordering, shipping, housing, per diem, and facility access information, contact the SVM Animal Resource Center (ARC) at 263-9704 or 263-4956.

Wildlife field studies

An IACUC-approved protocol may not be required for observational, noncontact wildlife studies in the field. See the wildlife waiver request form or contact the IACUC office (, 262-7109) or an RARC veterinarian for more information.

SVM ACUC policies