Policies and Animal User Requirements

Policies to implement regulatory requirements, humane and ethical use of animals, and best veterinary practices are created under the authority of one of three entities: the Institutional Official, the Attending Veterinarian, and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). At UW-Madison, the creation of policies involves collegial coordination and discussion among faculty, staff, RARC veterinarians, and upper administrative offices. UW-Madison has multiple IACUCs and multiple senior research animal veterinarians. The authority responsible for each policy is indicated by the suffix at the end of the policy number - “IO” for Institutional Official, “V” for Attending Veterinarian, and “C” for Animal Care and Use Committee. Questions and comments about a specific policy are best directed to the responsible authority.

All RARC and WNPRC animal veterinarians report to Dr. Janet Welter or Dr. Saverio Capuano, and IACUCs report to Institutional Official Dr. Nadine Connor.

Individual IACUCs may establish policies to meet unique aspects of their animal use program and require PIs in that school or college to abide by them.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Animal Care division and the National Institutes of Health Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare view UW-Madison and all members of its animal program community as a single research institution. Violation of the following policies, even by one researcher, or one animal care staffer, is a mark of noncompliance for the entire university.

The policies below are presented under the authority that created them. In addition to these policies, Animal User Requirements (AURs) are established under the authority of the Attending Veterinarian. All PIs, regardless of school or college, are expected to abide by these requirements.

IACUC, LSVC Policies

No LSVC ACUC-specific policies

IACUC, SMPH Policies

Experimental drug

Guide for the Care and Use of Agricultural Animals

Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals

Herpes B virus