Veterinary Care

RARC laboratory animal veterinarians oversee the health and well-being of UW-Madison research animals.

Pharmacy Services

Principal investigators and laboratory staff can obtain medical materials for research and an inventory system for identifying and disposing of expired materials in in accordance with legal regulations through the RARC pharmacy.

Breeding Services

The Mouse Breeding Core moved to BRMS within the School of Medicine and Public Health. Please contact Jody Peter at or 890-0669 for more information.

Rodent Quarantine Services

The RARC Rodent Quarantine Program provides services to researchers who have rodent lines coming to UW-Madison from non-approved vendors.

Rodent Analgesia Service

In some instances RARC Veterinary Services (RARC VS) may be able to supply extended release buprenorphine for your rodent models.

Equipment Lending

RARC lends surgery and monitoring equipment at no cost (except for consumables).


Gas (ethylene oxide) sterilization can be used for heat, pressure and/or sensitive items that cannot be autoclaved.