Pharmacy Services

The anesthesia and analgesia formulary has been moved into Guidelines under the Animal Health tab.


Enzyme Institute
Vet Tech Office:
Room 105
1710 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53726-4087

CSC Vet Tech Office: 608-262-8727

MSC Vet Tech Office: 608-261-1926

RARC Main Office: 608-262-1238

To submit an order:

Fill out a Research Pharmacy Services Request Form in full.

Fax or e-mail the form:

RARC will contact you for pick-up once the order has been filled.

Packages weighing more than 25 pounds and/or are larger than 1.5 cubic feet cannot be delivered and must be picked up at the Enzyme Institute.

Ordering tips:

  • To ensure item availability, place orders two business days before pick up.
  • Special order items may take up to two weeks to arrive.
  • Be sure your direct charge numbers are current. Consult with your department secretary or billing officer if you have questions regarding billing information.
  • If you are requesting an item that is not in the catalog, please call 608-890-3826 before sending the order.
  • Orders will not be processed if the request form is not correct and complete. Please fill out the form as follows:

Anesthesia Equipment
Item Concentration / Quantity Price
Anesthesia Breathing Bag 1L Anesthesia Breathing Bag - Order Ahead 24.34
Bain Circuit Each 28.15
Endotracheal Tube Clear Tube with Cuff, Various Sizes Available - Order Ahead 1.35
Enviro-Pure Canister Each - Charcoal Scavenger 30.42
F/AIR Canister Each - Charcoal Scavenger 10.21
Induction Chamber - Medium Dimensions: 4"x4"x12" 232.83
Induction Chamber - Small Dimensions: 4"x4"x6" 171.99
Induction Chamber w/ Divider 7.5"x7"x16" 292.50
Induction Chamber with Divider Mini 317.20
Manifold For Four Anesthetic Devices - Order Ahead 400.00
Nose Cone - Mouse 9mm - Each 13.66
Nose Cone - Mouse Or Rat 12mm - Each 13.66
Nose Cone - Rat 14mm - Each 13.66
Rubber Connectors Blue Silicone - Flexible 4.36
Anesthetics and Analgesics
Item Concentration / Quantity Price
Acepromazine Maleate 10mg/mL x 50mL 20.66
Antisedan (Dexdomitor Reversal) 5mg/mL x 10mL 210.21
Bupivicaine HCl 5mg/mL x 50mL 4.39
Carprofen Injectable (Rimadyl) 50mg/mL x 20mL 76.70
Carprofen Tabs (Rimadyl) 25mg x 60ct 19.50
Carprofen Tabs (Rimadyl) 180ct 25mg x 180ct 177.06
Dexdomitor 0.5mg/mL x 10mL 210.21
Etomidate 2mg/mL x 20mL/Vial x 10 Vials/Box 137.23
Etomidate (Amidate) 2mg/mL x 20mL/Vial 10.66
Flunixin Meglumine 100mL 13.68
Isoflurane 250mL Bottle 31.20
Ketoprofen 100mg/mL x 50mL 121.20
Ketoprofen (per mL) 100mg/mL, dispensed per mL in a sterile empty vial (maximum 10mL/vial) 4.00
Lidocaine HCl 20mg/mL x 50mL 4.68
Lidocaine Topical 2% x 30g - Topical Gel 9.80
Meloxicam Injection 5mg/mL x 10mL 82.49
Propofol 10mg/mL x 20mL 14.13
Sevoflurane 250mL Bottle 214.66
Xylazine 100mg/mL x 50mL 29.90
Animal Transport
Item Concentration / Quantity Price
Disposable Container With Lid 1Qt - For Transportation of Mouse to RARC Pathology 1.34
Item Concentration / Quantity Price
Ampicillin for Injection Powder - 1g/Vial 3.77
Animax Ointment 15mL Tube 7.79
Animax Ointment 7.5ml 7.5ml 3.50
Animax ointment-30ml 30ml 12.36
Baytril (Enrofloxacin) 22.7mg/mL x 20mL 45.81
Baytril 100 (Enrofloxacin) 100mg/mL x 100mL 72.80
Baytril Oral 22.7mg/tablet x 100ct 81.51
Cefazolin for Injection Powder - 1g/Vial 1.35
Cephalexin Capsules 250mg/cap x 100ct 6.72
Clavamox Drops 15mL Bottle 15.21
Doxycycline Injection 5mg/mL x 20mL 48.09
Doxycycline Oral Powder for Oral Suspension - 25mg/5mL x 60mL 55.06
Gentamicin Sulfate 100mg/mL x 100mL 22.07
Metronidazole Injection 5mg/mL x 100mL/Bag 3.74
Metronidazole Tabs 250mg Tabs x 100ct 9.36
Neomycin Oral 16 oz. Oral Solution 12.10
SMZ-TMP Oral Suspension 200mg/40mg per 5mL x 473mL Sulfamethoxazole Trimethoprim Suspension 55.73
TAO Triple Antibiotic Ointment 1oz Tube 4.21
Tri-otic Ointment 15gm bottle 8.06
Vancomycin Injection 1 gram Vial x 10/Pack 95.62
Item Concentration / Quantity Price
Anthelban Suspension 50mg/mL x 1 Quart - Pyrantal Pamoate 28.74
Corid Oral Solution Amprolium 9.6% Gallon 107.26
Drontal Feline 50ct Tabs - 18.2mg Praziquantel and 72.6mg Pyrantel Pamoate 219.96
Ivermectin 1% x 50mL 24.04
MITEARREST Insecticidal Rodent Bedding 312.00
Panacur Suspension 1000mL Bottle 136.67
Emergency Pharmaceuticals
Item Concentration / Quantity Price
Atropine Sulfate 0.54mg/mL x 100mL 8.27
Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate 4mg/mL x 100mL 23.86
Diphenhydramine 10mL 50mg/mL x 10mL 15.56
Diphenhydramine 1mL 50mg/mL x 1mL 1.50
Diphenhydramine 25mL 50mg/mL x 1mL/Vial x 25/Tray 37.60
Doxapram HCl 20mg/mL x 20mL 65.68
Epinephrine 1mg/mL x 50mL 17.63
Naloxone HCL 0.4mg/mL x 10mL 5.00
Sodium Bicarbonate Injection 8.4% x 50mL 14.29
IV Fluid Bags
Item Concentration / Quantity Price
Dextrose 5% Solution 5% Dextrose in 1000mL Lactated Ringer's (Bag) 9.44
Lactated Ringer's 1000mL 1000mL Bag 8.49
Lactated Ringer's 500mL 500mL Bag 7.89
Intravenous Supplies
Item Concentration / Quantity Price
Heparin Sodium 1000 USP units/1mL x 10mL 6.81
IV Adapter Plug 1ct - Male Adapter Plug / Inj Site, Luer Lock 0.96
IV Catheter 16ga 16ga x 2" 1.40
IV Catheter 20ga 20ga x 2" 1.38
IV Catheter 22ga 22ga x 1" 1.40
IV Catheter 24ga 24ga x 3/4" 1.03
IV Catheter 26ga 26ga x 3/4" 1.17
IV Extension Set 30" 2.34
IV Set Primary 70" 60 drops 3.21
Macrobore Extension Set Locking Spin Collar "T" and Prepierced Inj Site - 5" 3.29
Primary IV Set 15 Drops/mL 73" - Vented with Flashback Bulb 3.12
Primary IV Set 15 Drops/mL LL 78" - with lockable slip luer 3.21
Primary IV Set 60 Drops/mL 70" - With Injection Port 3.21
Winged Infusion Set 25ga 25ga x 3/4" needle - 3.5" tubing 0.94
Winged Infusion Set 27ga 27ga x 1/2" needle - 8" tubing 0.81
Needles and Syringes
Item Concentration / Quantity Price
Eye Needle Size 4 3/8 Circle x 12/Pack 28.33
Needles 14ga x 2" 100/Box 23.86
Needles 16ga x 3/4" 100/Box 36.28
Needles 18ga x 1 1/2" 100/box 6.29
Needles 18ga x 1" 100/Box 11.67
Needles 18ga x 5/8" 100/Box 11.67
Needles 20ga x 1 1/2" 100/Box 8.22
Needles 20ga x 1" 100/Box 8.22
Needles 21ga x 1" 100/Box 5.04
Needles 22ga x 1" 100/box 8.22
Needles 22ga x 3/4" 100/Box 10.18
Needles 23ga x 1" 100/Box 5.04
Needles 25ga x 1" 100/Box 10.18
Needles 25ga x 5/8" 100/Box 14.69
Needles 26ga x 1/2" 100/box 7.44
Needles 27ga x 1/2" 100/box 7.44
Syringe Tip Cap 200ct -Sterile 22.23
Syringe Tip Caps 100/Bag - Sterile 7.90
Syringes 10mL 100/Box 28.42
Syringes 12mL 80/Box 8.15
Syringes 12mL Curved Tip 50/Box - Curved Tip 26.65
Syringes 1mL 100/Box 14.29
Syringes 20mL 50/Box 29.47
Syringes 35mL 30/Box 23.70
Syringes 3mL 100/Box 13.88
Syringes 5mL 100/Box 19.12
Syringes 60mL 20/Box 25.61
Syringes 60mL Catheter Tip 40/Box - Catheter Tip 47.11
Syringes LL 5cc 5cc 20gax1" 100ct 24.52
Syringes LS 3cc 3cc LS 22ga/1" 100ct 12.70
Syringes TB 1cc 1cc LS NO NDL 100ct 14.29
Syringes w/ Needle 1/2mL 27ga 1/2mL Syringe w/ 27ga x 1/2" Needle x 100/Box (U-100 insulin syringe) 26.35
Syringes w/ Needle 1/2mL 28ga 1/2mL Syringe w/ 28ga x 1/2" Needle x 100/Box (U-100 insulin syringe) 37.96
Syringes w/ Needle 1/2mL 29g 1/2mL Syringe w/ 29ga x 1/2" Needle 100/Box (U-100 insulin syringe) 15.00
Syringes w/ Needle 1ml 25ga 1mL w/ 25ga x 5/8" Needle x 100/Box 20.05
Syringes w/ Needle 1mL 28ga 1mL w/ 28ga x 1/2" Needle x 100/Box 28.18
Syringes w/ Needle 3mL 3mL w/ 20ga x 1" Needle x 100/Box 13.66
Item Concentration / Quantity Price
Ophthalmic Supplies
Item Concentration / Quantity Price
Artificial Tears 1/8oz Tube 5.86
Dexamethasone Ophthalmic Sol 0.1% 5ml 14.79
Eye Irrigating Solution 4oz Bottle 3.72
Neo-Poly-Dex Ophthalmic 1/8oz Tube - Neomycin, Polymyxin B Sulfates, Dexamethasone Ointment 6.85
Ophthalmic Solution Eye Wash 8oz 7.02
Proparacaine Ophthalmic 0.5% x 15mL Bottle 19.84
TAO Ophthalmic Ointment 1/8oz Tube - Bacitracin, Neomycin, Polymyxin Ophthalmic Ointment (no steroid) 6.85
Item Concentration / Quantity Price
Calcium Gluconate 10mL 10% x 10mL 5.88
Calcium Gluconate 50mL 10% x 50mL 5.33
Chlorhexidine Solution 2% x 32 oz Bottle 2.68
Chorulon 10mL x 5 Vials/Box 190.05
Cisplantin 1mg/ml x 50ml 34.93
Diphenhydramine Oral 50mg/Capsule x 100ct 3.95
Doxorubicin 2mg/mL x 25mL 42.04
Epogen Injection 2000u/mL x 1mL 51.00
Feeding Tube Sovereign Feeding Tube, Various Sizes Available - Order Ahead 1.24
Furosemide (Salix) 50mg/mL x 50mL 21.06
Hydrogel 2oz Each - Animal Hydration Cup 1.43
Hydrogel 6oz Each - Animal Hydration Pouch 3.07
Insulin Injection U-100 x 10mL Vial - Human Product 74.88
Novolin R Insulin U-100 10mL 89.26
Nutri-Cal Gel 4.25 oz Tube 8.14
Nutri-Cal Soft Chews Bag - 45ct 6.63
Oxytocin 20 USP units/mL x 100mL 5.02
Petroleum Jelly 13 oz Jar 3.24
Physostigmine 2mL Vial x 10/Box 67.55
Propylene Glycol 32oz Bottle 4.39
Item Concentration / Quantity Price
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Item Concentration / Quantity Price
Exam Gloves Large 200/Box - Powder Free, Nitrile 19.11
Exam Gloves Medium 200/Box - Powder Free, Nitrile 19.11
Procedure Face Masks 50/Box - 2 Ply with Earloops 8.10
Procedure Molded Masks Surgical Molded Face Masks- 50/box 25.73
Safety Goggles Clear, Ventilated 3.07
Procedural Supplies
Item Concentration / Quantity Price
Adapter-Isoflurane Antispill antispill 64.35
Alcohol Swabs 2 pack x 100/pack - Individually wrapped site prep pads, 70% Isopropyl alcohol 2.61
Animal Lancet 4 4mm x 200/box 14.27
Animal Lancet 5 5mm x 200/Box 15.86
Animal Lancet 5.5 5.5mm x 200/Box 15.86
Boston Round W/Yorker 0.5oz/50ct 24.80
Clippercide Spray 12 oz - Disinfectant for Hair Clippers 6.27
Conical Centrifuge Tube 15mL 15mL tubes X 100ct 35.69
Cover Slips 22X22 100/pack 4.29
Dextrose 50% Solution 50% Dextrose in 500mL Water (Bottle) 3.50
Digital Thermometer Each 4.88
Ear Cleansing Solution 8 oz Bottle 8.79
Ear Cleansing Solution-12oz 12oz 6.50
Ear Cleansing Solution-Gal Gal 84.23
Fecalyzers 50/Box 40.16
Feeding Needle 20ga (Curved) 20ga x 1 1/2" x 2/Pack - Curved 18.86
Feeding Needle 20ga (Straight) 20ga x 2" x 1/Pack - Straight 18.86
Feeding Needle 22ga (Curved) 22ga x 1 1/2" x 2/Pack - Curved 22.75
Feeding Needle 24ga (Straight) 24ga x 1/2" x 1/pack - Straight 44.87
Iris Scissors 4 1/8" Economy 38.22
Kwik Stop Styptic Powder LG 42g Bottle 12.12
Kwik Stop Styptic Powder SM 14g Bottle 5.85
Lubricating Jelly 5 oz Tube 1.70
Lubricating Jelly Foil pack 3gm 144ct 12.87
Micro Centrifuge Tubes 1.5mL x 500ct 50.79
Microscope Slides Plain 72ct 5.27
Nail Trimmer Economy 9.67
Pocket Trimmer Hair Trimmer - Wahl 16.89
Progesterone in Oil 50mg/mL x 10mL 46.05
Sharps Container .5L 0.5L, red with clear lid 2.73
Sharps Container 4L 4L, red with clear lid 4.29
Spencer Stitch Scissors 3 1/2" - Delicate 32.76
Sterile Empty Vials 10mL x 25/Box 44.63
Sterile Gel 5 oz Tube 1.70
Zymox Otic Solution 4 oz Bottle (without Hydrocortisone) 29.61
Sodium Chloride (NaCl)
Item Concentration / Quantity Price
Sodium Chloride 1000mL NaCl 0.9% x 1000mL - Bag 9.88
Sodium Chloride 150mL NaCl 0.9% x 150mL - Bag 1.63
Sodium Chloride 250mL NaCl 0.9% x 250mL - Bag 2.53
Sodium Chloride 500mL NaCl 0.9% x 500mL - Bag 2.30
Sodium Chloride for Injection NaCl 0.9% x 10mL x 25/Pack - Vial 35.10
Sodium Chloride for Irrigation NaCl 0.9% x 1000mL - Pour Bottle 9.88
Sodium Chloride w/ Hetastarch Hetastarch 6%, NaCl 0.9% x 500mL - Bag 34.65
Sterile Saline Solution 1000 NaCl 0.9% x 1000mL Bottle - Injectable 5.30
Sterile Pouch 5.25x10 200count
Item Concentration / Quantity Price
Sterilization pouch Sterile Pouch 5.25x10 200count 14.78
Sterile Water
Item Concentration / Quantity Price
Sterile Water Bag 1000mL Bag 9.44
Sterile Water for Injection 250mL Bottle 3.33
Sterile Water for Irrigation 1000mL Pour Bottle 9.22
Sterile Water Vial 100mL Vial 5.66
Surgical Drapes and Dressings
Item Concentration / Quantity Price
Sterile Field - Fenestrated 8"x8" x 1ct - Small Animal/Rodent 3.64
Sterile Field Fenestrated 18"x26" x 50/Box 19.20
Sterile Field Non-fenestrated 18"x26" x 50/Box 18.60
Stockinette - Non-Sterile 2" x 25yd Roll - Cotton 34.40
Surgical Drape - Nonsterile 40"x60" x 1ct - Fenestrated (18" x 1"), Autoclavable 24.75
Tegaderm Dressing LG 4" x 4 3/4" X 10/pack 23.31
Tegaderm Dressing SM 2 3/8" x 2 3/4" X 20/Pack 12.58
Surgical Supplies
Item Concentration / Quantity Price
Betadine Scrub 16oz 16 oz Bottle 19.37
Betadine Scrub Gallon 1 Gallon 64.48
Cautery Sterile - Disposable 13.02
Chlorhexidine 2% x Gal 8.14
Chlorhexidine 4% Scrub Brushes 30/Box 41.61
Chlorhexidine Scrub 2% x 16 oz Bottle 7.23
Fel-O-Vax IV + Calicivax 25x1ds 178.75
Gelfoam 7mm Strips x 12 186.32
Hydrogen Peroxide 3% x 16 oz Bottle 0.75
Instrument Tray w/ Lid 10"L x 6.5"W x 2"D - J393A 59.67
Isopropyl Alcohol 70% x 32 oz Bottle 4.04
Kelly Forceps 5.5" hemostat 19.50
Potassium Chloride Inj 2mEq/mL x 10mL 0.83
Povidone Iodine Scrub Brushes 30/Box 23.57
Scalpel Handle #3 German - Fits Size 10 Blade 8.07
Soda Lime 3lb Bag 10.14
Sterile Gloves Sz 6 Size 6 x 50/Box 50.14
Sterile Gloves Sz 6 1/2 Size 6 1/2 x 50/Box 50.14
Sterile Gloves Sz 7 Size 7 x 50/Box 50.14
Sterile Gloves Sz 7 1/2 Size 7 1/2 x 50/Box 50.14
Sterile Gloves Sz 8 Size 8 x 50/Box 50.14
Sterile Gloves Sz 8 1/2 Size 8 1/2 x 50/Box 50.14
Sterile Gloves Sz 9 Size 9 x 50/Box 50.14
Surgical Blades Size 10 x 100/Box 59.64
Surgical Gown - Sterile Size XL 11.84
Surgical Gown - Sterile XXL Size XXL, with towel 9.20
Surgical Scrub & Handwash 16oz 2% Chloroxylenol - 16oz 12.71
Surgical Wound Closure
Item Concentration / Quantity Price
Disposable Skin Staple Remover Each 15.31
Disposable Skin Stapler DS-25, 1 Each 13.00
Suture Chromic Gut 2-0 12/Box - DS24, Absorbable Monofilament, Cutting 70.04
Suture Chromic Gut 3-0 12/Pack 12/Pack - SH, Absorbable Monofilament, Taper 44.40
Suture Chromic Gut 4-0 12/box - FS-2, Absorbable Monofilament 70.04
Suture Ethilon 3-0 36/Box - FS-1, Non-absorbable Monofilament, Reverse Cutting 334.37
Suture Ethilon 3-0 12/Pack 12/Pack - FS-1, Non-absorbable Monofilament, Reverse Cutting 105.91
Suture Ethilon 4-0 36/Box - FS-1, Non-absorbable Monofilament, Reverse Cutting 267.57
Suture Ethilon 4-0 12/Pack 12/Pack - FS-1, Non-absorbable Monofilament, Reverse Cutting 104.98
Suture Ethilon 8-0 12/Box - BV130-4, Non-absorbable Monofilament, Taper 730.00
Suture Monocryl 2-0 36/Box - Absorbable Monofilament 359.78
Suture Monocryl 2-0 12/Pack 12/Pack - Absorbable Monofilament 98.46
Suture Monocryl 3-0 36/Box - FS-1, Absorbable Monofilament, Reverse Cutting 324.23
Suture Monocryl 3-0 12/Pack 12/Pack - FS-1, Absorbable Monofilament, Reverse Cutting 98.46
Suture Monocryl 4-0 36/Box FS-2 Absorbably Monofilament 300.77
Suture PDS II 2-0 12/Box, FS-1, Absorbable Monofilament, Reverse Cutting 98.38
Suture PDS II 4-0 12/Pack FS-2 12/Pack, FS-2, Absorbable Monofilament, Reverse Cutting 220.14
Suture PDS II 4-0 6/Pack SH 6/Pack, SH, Absorbable Monofilament, Taper 45.45
Suture PDS II 4-0 FS-2 36/Box, FS-2, Absorbable Monofilament, Reverse Cutting 470.72
Suture PDS II 4-0 SH 36/Box, SH, Absorbable Monofilament, Taper 561.43
Suture PDS II 5-0 36/Box, FS-2, Absorbable Monofilament 426.65
Suture PDS II 5-0 FS-2 36/Box, FS-2 Absorbable Monofilament, Reverse Cutting 426.65
Suture Polysorb 3-0 36/Box - Absorbable Lactomer 238.64
Suture Prolene 4-0 12/Box - FS-2, Non-absorbable Monofilament, Reverse Cutting 129.79
Suture Prolene 4-0 6/Pack 6/Pack - FS-2, Non-absorbable Monofilament, Reverse Cutting 46.75
Suture Surgical Steel 3-0 12/Box - Non-absorbable Monofilament 105.30
Suture Surgical Steel 6/Pack 6/Pack - Non-absorbable Monofilament 33.88
Suture Vicryl 3-0 36/Box - FS-2, Absorbable Violet Braided, Polyglactin 910 347.19
Suture Vicryl 3-0 6/Pack 6/Pack - FS-2, Absorbable Violet Braided, Polyglactin 910 54.81
Suture Vicryl 4-0 36/Box - FS-2, Absorbable, Coated Polyglactin 910, Reverse Cutting 348.24
Suture Vicryl 4-0 6/Pack 6/Pack - FS-2, Absorbable, Coated Polyglactin 910, Reverse Cutting 53.49
Suture Vicryl 7-0 12/Box - P-1, Absorbable, Coated Polyglactin 910 227.79
Suture Vicryl 7-0 6/Pack 6/Pack - P-1, Absorbable, Coated Polyglactin 910 93.34
Tissue Mend II 20ml/20ct cooler item 48.91
Vet Bond - Tissue Adhesive 3mL Bottle 18.84
Wound Clips 7mm 7mm Reflex x 100/Pack 51.19
White Goods
Item Concentration / Quantity Price
Brown Cling Gauze Each Roll: 3" x 5yds; 12 Rolls/Pack 7.37
Cotton Balls 2000/Bag - Medium 9.27
Cotton Tip Applicator- Sterile 6" x 200/Box 6.37
Cotton Tip Applicator-100ct 6"/100ct 4.72
Cotton Tipped Applicator 1000/Box 5.59
Elasticon 1" Each Roll: 1" x 3yds; 6 Rolls/Box 21.57
Elasticon 3" Each Roll: 3" x 3yds; 6 Rolls/Box 32.28
Gauze 2x2 200/Bag - 12 Ply 1.76
Gauze 2x2 Sterile 100/Box - 12 Ply - Sterile 12.96
Gauze 4x4 200/Bag - 12 Ply 4.58
Gauze 4x4 Sterile 100/Box - 12 Ply - Sterile 4.20
Porous Tape 1" x 10yd x 12ct 19.89
Stretch Bandages 3" x 75" x 12/Bag 5.57
Transpore Surgical Tape 1" x 10yd x 12/Box 20.98
Umbilical Tape 1/4" x 20yd 1.86
Umbilical Tape 1/8" 1/8" x 20yd 12.52
Versalon Gauze 2x2 200/bag 2.02
Versalon Gauze 4x4 200/Bag - 4 Ply (Non-woven) 6.63
Vetrap Bandage Tape 2" 2" x 5yd 1.63
Vetrap Bandage Tape 3" 3" x 5yd 2.00
Vetrap Bandage Tape 4" 4" x 5yd 1.94

Controlled Substances

The following guidance represents RARC's understanding of current state and federal controlled substance regulations. Please note that this guidance is provided as reference only! Registrants are responsible for knowing and understanding their obligations under state and federal laws.

State and Federal Regulatory Information

What Are Controlled Substances?

Controlled Substances and RARC

Registration Requirements

Storage & Security Requirements

Recordkeeping Requirements

Ordering Controlled Substances

Disposal of Controlled Substances


Visit the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Office of Diversion Control website or contact DEA directly for information regarding federal regulations:

(608) 210-4334

View federal regulations:

Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations

Title 21 U.S. Code (USC) Controlled Substance Act

Visit the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (WI DSPS), Controlled Substance Board (CSB) website for information regarding state regulations.

View state regulations:

Wisconsin Administrative Code - CSB


Controlled substances are pharmaceuticals or chemicals strictly regulated under the Controlled Substance Act (CSA). They are placed into schedules based on their medical use, relative abuse potential, dependence liability, and concern for safety. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) recognizes five separate drug schedules. A comprehensive list of substances and which schedule they fall under can be found on the Office of Diversion Control website.

At UW-Madison, researchers are often required to administer controlled substances for the purpose of anesthesia, analgesia, or euthanasia.


Current regulations require researchers to obtain their own registrations to purchase, possess, and administer controlled substances. RARC cannot sell or distribute controlled substances for your research.

  • In some cases, RARC veterinary staff may be able to directly administer analgesia to rodents for your research project. Visit the Rodent Analgesia Service page for information.
  • RARC provides an Anesthesia and Analgesia Formulary for information regarding commonly used anesthetics and analgesics.
  • You may also contact your RARC veterinarian for consultation regarding drug types, dosages, routes of administration, formulations, commercial products, and other medical issues. See the "RARC login" at the top of the page and log in with your NetID to see the full list of RARC veterinarians.
  • RARC provides one-on-one assistance with state and federal registration procedures, and management of controlled substances and required records. Contact Sarah Johnson-Schlueter for assistance:, 608-263-4861.


In Wisconsin, researchers who want to obtain and administer controlled substances must have both a federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registration and a Controlled Substance Special Use Authorization (SUA) issued by the State of Wisconsin Controlled Substances Board (CSB). The SUA must be obtained BEFORE applying for DEA registration.

A separate registration is required for each physical building where controlled substances are administered or stored. Controlled substances and associated records CANNOT be moved from your DEA registered address without approval from DEA.

*NOTE: State of Wisconsin Licensed Practitioners, (e.g. MDs, DVMs etc.) who already hold an approved DEA registration, may conduct research and instructional activities with the controlled substances for which the DEA registration was granted if:

  1. the practitioner license is current and active and,
  2. the research is conducted in the same location (building) that is listed as the registered address on the DEA registration and,
  3. the substances to be used for research are already authorized on the current approved DEA registration.

If any of the above specifications are not met, an SUA must be obtained and a separate DEA registration may also be required.
Contact the DEA directly for information: (608) 210-4334;

State Registration

  • Visit the WI Dept of Safety and Professional Services (WI DSPS) to obtain the relevant SUA Application Form for beginning the registration process.
  • New applications: A complete SUA application for research must include:
    1. Completed Form #2184, "Application for Controlled Substances Special Use Authorization."
      • Read the instructions on the form carefully.
      • There is no fee for employees of state institutions.
    2. Completed Form #2836, "Special Use Authorization (SUA) for Controlled Substances Checklist for Research."
    3. A detailed one-page written description of IACUC-approved study that places controlled substance use in context.
      • Do not send the entire IACUC protocol.
    4. A copy of the IACUC approval letter.
      • This can be sent directly to WI DSPS by the protocol managers in the RARC IACUC Office upon email request from PI on protocol.
  • Print out and mail all completed forms and materials to the address listed at the top of Form #2184.
    • Be aware! It can take eight to 12 weeks or more to receive a response from the CSB regarding your application.
  • Review Form #2277, "Physical Security Requirements" and ensure there is adequate and secure storage area in place prior to ordering controlled substances. See also: "Storage & Security Requirements" section, below.
  • Review Form #2686, "Unauthorized Possession of Excess Amounts of Controlled Substances Important Notice."
  • Renewal Applications: SUAs must be renewed annually.
    • The WI DSPS does not send a renewal notice, but the SUA will expire if not renewed eight to 12 weeks prior to the expiration date of the current SUA.
    • The SUA renewal procedure is identical to that for initial applications.
  • Modifications to SUA: Registrants must amend their SUA any time there is a change in:
    • original authorization holder
    • individuals participating in the authorized work
    • amounts of drugs requested
    • schedules or codes of drugs requested

See the instructions on Form #2184 to begin the SUA amendment process.

Federal Registration

  • Researchers can apply for DEA registration once a SUA number has been issued.
  • New applications: Visit the DEA Office of Diversion Control website and complete
    DEA Form #225, "Manufacturer, Distributor, Researcher, Analytical Laboratory, Importer, Exporter," to begin the process for a new application.
    • DEA applications are better submitted online, but a paper version may also be submitted through the U.S. Postal Service. Do not submit both an online and paper copy.
    • State employees are usually exempt from the DEA registration fee. The certifying official for fee-exemption status is typically the Associate Dean for Research in the school or college but can be anyone who can verify both employment status and authority to possess and administer controlled substances.
    • The Milwaukee DEA Office may send an additional informational questionnaire prior to issuing a DEA registration number.
  • Renewal applications: DEA registration expires after 1 year and must be renewed annually
    • The DEA typically provides a reminder to renew.
    • Use DEA Form #225a, "Manufacturer, Distributor, Researcher, Analytical Laboratory, Importer, Exporter" for renewal applications.
  • Modifications to registration: Registrants must amend their DEA registration any time there is a change in:
    • registrant name
    • registrant address
    • drug schedules (i.e. a substance has been reclassified to a new schedule)
    • drug codes requested (i.e. substances need, for which you have not previously been approved to obtain)

Use the DEA Update Request Form to amend your DEA registration. Note: The SUA must be amended and approved prior to amending DEA registration.


As a DEA and SUA registration holder, you are legally responsible for providing effective controls and procedures to help prevent theft and diversion of controlled substances. Before obtaining any controlled substance, you must establish a secure storage area that meets state and federal security requirements. RARC recommends that you limit storage access to only those individuals who absolutely need it.

Both the State of WI and the federal DEA have physical security requirements, but the requirements set by the State of WI DSPS are more stringent. Compliance with WI DSPS ensures compliance with the DEA.

WI DSPS requires a wall-mounted or floor-bolted lockbox, housed in a room that is locked during nonuse hours. Locked drawers or cabinetry are NOT adequate. Please see the full list of requirements provided by the WI DSPS On Form #2277 “Physical Security Requirements.”

An approved (small) double-locking cabinet can be ordered through Health Care Logistics, 1-800-848-1633, item #3707-01: slim line narcotic cabinet for ~ $150.00. Contact FP&M or your building manager for mounting and associated costs.


The State of WI DSPS and the Federal DEA have set separate recordkeeping and inventory requirements for researchers. The following guidance represents RARC's understanding of current state and federal regulations. Please note that this guidance is provided as reference only! Registrants are responsible for knowing and understanding their obligations under state and federal laws.

To capture information for inventory and administration records, users should refer to RARC's DEA Controlled Substance Inventory Report and Controlled Substance Administration Log.

Requirements at a Glance*

State of WI (SUA Registrants)
Federal (DEA Registrants)
Records required to be kept
  1. Purchase records and receipts
  2. Disbursement, use, and disposition of each controlled substance
  3. Total weight in grams if solid, or volume and concentration if liquid, of each controlled substance on hand
  4. Documentation of any inventory or use discrepancies including any investigations into such discrepancies
  1. Accurate inventory reports
  2. Invoices, receipts, and packing slips with notation of
    • name, address & DEA number of Registrant AND Supplier
    • date items were received
    • drug names, strengths, forms and quantities
    • recipient's initials
  3. DEA Form 222 - both unused forms and used forms completed in full**
  4. Administration/Dispensing Logs
  5. Loss/theft reports (DEA Form 106)
  6. Destruction and disposal reports (DEA Form 41)
When to take inventory
On the date work with controlled substances begins (initial inventory) then every two years (biennial inventory) and on the effective date a substance becomes controlled by DEA (newly controlled substances inventory)
What the inventory must include Follow federal regulations for administration logs and include substance weight in grams if solid, or volume and concentration if liquid
  1. Name and DEA number of Registrant
  2. Date of inventory
  3. Notation of whether inventory was taken at opening or close of business
  4. List of each substance on hand including
    • drug name
    • finished form (e.g 10 mg/mL)
    • number of units or volume per container (e.g. 100 mL vial)
    • total number of containers (e.g. 4 vials)
  5. Two (2) signatures
What administration/dispensing log must include
  1. Disbursement
  2. Use
  3. Disposition
  4. Total weight in grams if solid, or volume and concentration if liquid
  1. Name of Registrant
  2. Date of administration
  3. Substance name and finished form (e.g. 10 mg/mL or 40 mg tab)
  4. Number of units dispensed (e.g. 1 mL or 1 tab)
  5. Animal ID & building address of animal housing
  6. Initials of person administering
  7. Notation of any waste or loss in needle hub
  8. Initials of a second person witnessing any waste
Where to keep the records
Registered location
Registered location
** NOTE: Inventory and records of Schedule I and II substances and DEA form 222 must be maintained separately from all other records.
Retention time
4 years after expiration of SUA
2 years
Availability requirements
Copies of original records must be readily retrievable upon request
All records must be readily retrievable for inspection by the DEA upon request

*Please find additional details that represent RARC's understanding of current state and federal regulations in the narrative below.

Federal Requirements

All federally required records must be:

  1. complete and accurate
  2. readily retrievable for inspection and copying by the DEA upon request
  3. maintained at the registered location
  4. maintained for two years
  5. maintained separately from all other records (i.e. controlled substance records must not be comingled with records of non controlled substances)
  6. a. Schedule I & II records must be further maintained separately from Schedule III-V records.
    i. RARC recommends that registrants keep one folder for schedule I & II records, one folder for Schedule III, IV & V records, and one folder for DEA Form 222 used and unused forms.
    ii. DEA recommends treating DEA Form 222 as if it is a controlled substance.

Electronic records are acceptable as long as they cannot be altered or deleted and are easily separated from all other events.

Records required by the DEA are summarized below.
For details of all federal requirements, see "Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations," on the Office of Diversion Control website.

1. Inventory Reports

The DEA requires a physical inventory of controlled substances to be completed on the date the registrant first engages in business with controlled substance(s) (initial inventory), then at a minimum of every two years thereafter (biennial inventory). In addition, an inventory must be taken on the effective date that the substance you're using becomes controlled by DEA (newly controlled substances inventory).

Inventory must include the name and DEA registration number of Registrant, the date inventory was taken, a notation of whether the inventory was taken at the opening or close of business and a list of each controlled substance in your possession including: drug name, finished form (e.g. 10 mg tablet or 10 mg/mL), number of units or volume per container** (e.g. 100 tab bottle or 3mL vial), total number of containers (e.g. 4 bottles or 3 vials). The inventory should also include two signatures, one of the person taking the inventory and the other of a witness. Refer to RARC's DEA Controlled Substance Inventory Report to help capture the required information.

Once an inventory is completed it should be documented and filed away. Do not write on it again.

Please note: Controlled substances awaiting disposal must be included in your inventory as long as they remain in your possession.

**When determining the number of units remaining in a container that has been opened, schedules I and II controlled substances require an exact count or measurement. For schedules III-V substances, an estimated count or measure may be used unless the container holds more than 1000 tablets or capsules.

2. Invoices, Receipts, and Packing Slips

The DEA requires registrants to keep all financial and shipping records (i.e., invoices, packing slips). These records must include: the name, address and DEA registration number of both the Registrant AND the supplier, a notation of the date received, the drug name, strength, form, and quantities received, and the recipient’s initials.

If your financial and shipping records comprise a packing slip, invoice, and/or a receipt log, each document must contain all of the required information, including the date received and verification of all items received.

3. DEA Form 222

As the DEA Registrant, you are responsible for securing both used and unused DEA Forms 222 in a locked area. Copy 3 (blue) of each executed DEA Form 222 must be retained and completed in full, including the number of packages received and date received.

DEA Form 222 records must be maintained separately from all other records of the registrant. Never throw away unexecuted DEA Forms 222! Return unwanted, defective or unused forms to DEA headquarters at the address listed in the instructions section on the back of the form.

4. Administration/Dispensing Logs

The DEA requires the use of controlled substances to be logged including: date, substance name, finished form (e.g.*i.e., 10 g tablet or 10 mg/mL), number of units or volume dispensed, patient address and name (i.e., animal ID and address where animals are housed), the name or initials of the person administering the substance, and the name of the Registrant. Logs must also include a notation of any drug waste or insignificant loss (e.g. a minor spill or substance remaining in a vial that cannot be further utilized), including waste in the hub*** of the needle. Providing a witness to waste that is lost in the needle hub is not required but is strongly recommended whenever possible. Refer to RARC's Controlled Substance Administration Log to help capture the required information.

***When determining the amount of solution lost in the hub of a needle, users should provide an estimation that is accurate as possible. The average needle hub may waste anywhere from 0.02 mL to 0.1mL of solution, depending on the needle type and size.

5. Loss or Theft Reports

You must provide a written report of any instance of theft or significant loss of your controlled substances to the DEA Milwaukee District Office within one business day of discovery. Send your report via mail or fax using the contact information below. You must also complete and submit DEA Form 106 to the Milwaukee District Office and retain a copy in your records.

Milwaukee District Office
4725 West Electric Ave
West Milwaukee, WI 53219-1627
Diversion phone: (414) 336-7370
Diversion fax: (414) 727-5454
Jurisdiction: Wisconsin

DEA also recommends reporting any instance of loss or theft to local police.

6. Destruction and Disposal Reports

Report all authorized destruction of controlled substances on DEA Form #41 and retain it in your controlled substance records. Instructions for proper destruction can be found on the RARC Pharmacy Services website under Expired Materials.

State Requirements

The WI DSPS Controlled Substance Board requires that registrants keep detailed records of each controlled substance on hand including its disbursement, use, disposition, and and total weight in grams if solid, or volume and concentration if liquid. Registrants must also retain purchase records (including receipts), and any documentation related to discrepancies in inventory and use (including investigation of such discrepancies).

All state required records must be kept for 4 years after expiration of the SUA and must be readily retrievable upon request.

Full details of state requirements can be found on the WI DSPS Controlled Substance Board website and are outlined in Chapter CSB 3 of Wisconsin Legislative Documents.


Once you have obtained proper registration, you must set up your own account with a vendor that dispenses the substance you need.

NOTE: After placing an order, closely monitor its arrival. Once the shipment arrives keep it in your possession or maintain it in a secure area until it can be transported to your lock box for proper storage. Transfer the shipment to proper storage as soon as possible.

Following is a list of commonly used controlled-substance vendors. The ordering process for schedule I and II substances differs from substances III–V:

Schedule III–V substances can be ordered directly from vendors using their standard ordering procedures.

Schedule I and II substances require a special form (DEA Form 222) for obtainment. Paper versions of DEA Form 222 may be ordered with your initial DEA Application or through the Office of Diversion Control. DEA Forms 222 can also be submitted electronically by enrolling in the Controlled Substance Ordering System (CSOS) program.

As the DEA Registrant, you are responsible for securing both used and unused DEA Forms 222 in a locked area. Make a list of your unique form numbers along with the date each form is used.

Tips for filling out DEA Form 222:

1. Follow the instructions on the back of the form VERY carefully. If the form has even the slightest error, the vendor may send it back to you.

2. Do NOT sign a DEA Form 222 before it is completed. This form is the equivalent of a prescription pad for which you are legally responsible.

Visit the DEA Office of Diversion Control Questions & Answers page for more information.

Commonly Used Controlled-Substance Vendors

Midwest Veterinary Supply
Phone: 1-608-837-5188; 1-800-362-9226
Fax: 1-888-372-3941
5374 Maly Road, Route 1
Sun Prairie, WI 53590
Regional Contact: Sue Lavigne 1-608-834-3504

Henry Schein Animal Health
Phone: 1-855-724-3461 (toll-free)
Fax: 1-614-659-1948
400 Metro Place North
Dublin, OH 43017

Phone: 1-888-963-8471; 1-973-660-7491
5 Giralda Farms
Madison, NJ 07940
Call for ordering information

Patterson Veterinary
Phone: 1-800-225-7911; 1-978-353-6000
Fax: 1-978-353-6016
137 Barnum Road
Devens, MA 01434
Mail completed DEA Form 222 to:
Patterson Logistics Services Inc.
Attn: Tobias Chappell
925 Carolina Pines Blvd., Suite B
Blythewood, SC 29016


Instructions for proper destruction can be found on the RARC Pharmacy Services website under Expired Materials.


If you have questions or would like additional information, contact Sarah Johnson-Schlueter:, 608-263-4861.

Expired Materials


DEA Form 41


Contact UW-Madison Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S):

Please Note: UW-Madison Chemical Safety officers are not authorized to pick up controlled substances.


The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has implemented new regulations for controlled substance disposal. Previously approved disposal methods, such as flushing substances down a drain or mixing with kitty litter or coffee grounds and disposing as solid waste, are no longer permitted.

Controlled substances must be disposed of in a manner that permanently and irreversibly alters the substance's physical or chemical state, rendering the drug unavailable and unusable (nonretrievable). Visit the DEA Office of Diversion Control website for regulatory information and resources.

For disposal instructions, contact Sarah Johnson-Schlueter: 263-4861 or or contact DEA directly at (608) 210-4334,


DEA Registrants in possession of expired or waste controlled substances that need to be stored for a period of time should keep these substances in their drug lockbox. Any expired substances must be clearly labeled* and physically segregated from in-date and in-use drugs by placing them in a small container or plastic bag. For users with large stocks of expired or waste controlled substances, a second lockbox may be necessary to provide segregation from in-use supplies. Note: Controlled substances awaiting disposal must be included in your inventory as long as they remain in your possession.

*Expired or waste materials must be clearly labeled "Expired – Awaiting Disposal. Do Not Use in Animals." Stickers with this labeling are available from the RARC Pharmacy at no charge: e-mail for assistance. Alternatively, you may print your own stickers; a template can be found below.

For questions regarding proper drug disposal, contact DEA directly at 608) 210-4334, or contact Sarah Johnson-Schlueter: 263-4861 or


With proper protocol approval, some expired medical materials may be used for acute terminal studies in which the health and well-being of the vertebrate animal are not affected and the scientific integrity of the experiment is not jeopardized. These materials must be labeled appropriately (see example below) and stored in a physically separate area from nonexpired materials. Under no circumstance can expired anesthesia, analgesia, euthanasia, or emergency drugs be used in any vertebrate animal.


The use of expired medical materials is prohibited in any survival procedure performed on live vertebrate animals used for research or teaching. In order to abide by legal regulations, these materials must be regularly segregated and/or disposed of to ensure they are not erroneously used in research animals. RARC veterinary staff requires that labs conduct a monthly self-assessment to ensure this is done in a timely manner and developed a colored dot system to help principal investigators with the task.

Labs should apply a colored dot sticker to any item with an expiration date. Each color corresponds with a different year and the month of expiration is written in the center.

To ensure outdated materials are never used in your lab, look through all medical materials on a regular basis and dispose of any items due to expire. You may also want to document your monthly self-assessments.

Contact your veterinary staff to obtain colored stickers and key codes to post in your lab. You can also contact your veterinary staff for special stickers:

1. Expired materials to be used in terminal procedures:

2. Expired materials being stored until proper disposal:

You may also print your own color key code and/or special expired material labels using the following templates:

2016 Color Key Code

Expired – Awaiting Disposal Stickers (to be printed on Avery® White 5 ¼” Diskette Labels, 12 per Sheet, #5197)

Expired – Terminal Procedure Stickers (to be printed on Avery® White 5 ¼” Diskette Labels, 12 per Sheet, #5197)

Frequently asked questions about the identification system

Q: Where is the best place to put the sticker on the expiring medical material?
A: Place the sticker on the container in a manner that covers as little of the original label as possible. Do not place sticker over: name, contents, uses, directions, warnings, storage instructions, expiration date etc.

Q: If the label states an expiration of JAN 2011 for example, does the item expire at the beginning of January or the end?
A: The item expires at the end of January and should be disposed of on or before the last day of that month.

Q: If the label states an expiration of 12 JUN 2011 for example, what should I write on the sticker?
A: In this case, we suggest that the item be treated as though it is expiring in May 2011. Place a blue sticker on the vial and write the number 5 in the center. At the end of May 2011 assess your situation:

  • If you think you will use the item before it expires, make a note (i.e. on your calendar, on the drug vial, on the storage cabinet) to ensure the item is disposed of on or before the expiration date.
  • If you don’t think you will use the item before it expires, dispose of it.

Q: What if my stickers are falling off?
A: Before placing stickers, be sure the item is clean and dry. After placing the sticker, press it on firmly with your finger. This problem has occurred mostly on refrigerated or very small items. Try placing a piece of scotch tape over the sticker or use a piece of colored laboratory tape in place of the sticker.

Q: I’m having a hard time reading what is written on the purple stickers. What should I

A: Contact your RARC Veterinary Technician for a special pen for writing on dark surfaces.

Q: What if my materials are inside a cabinet, drawer, or container?
A: Place the appropriate sticker on the outside of the storage, indicating the next time an item is due to expire.

Q: What if my materials are in a box containing multiple items?
A: Place the appropriate sticker on the outside of the box, then on the individual container as it’s removed from the box.