Protocol Personnel Training and Experience Management in My Profile

Study team members and other protocol personnel (writers and contacts) will be added to protocols through the ARROW system by a PI or protocol writer.

However, all personnel must enter and maintain their own education and experience under My Profile on RARC’s website. Education and experience cannot be added in ARROW. RARC classes that have been completed are automatically listed in the profile.

Individuals must complete RARC's Animal User Orientation class and then wait 24 hours before they can be added to a protocol. Visit our Training section for more information.

Protocol reviewers will assess whether an individual has the required qualifications to perform particular procedures on certain species. Individuals should update My Profile after learning a new procedure to facilitate efficient protocol review.


  • Log into RARC’s website with NetID and password. (
  • Click the My Profile tab.
  • Select Training Records and Phones.
  • Select Education, Experience by Species, or Phones, and click on the edit button. Work phone numbers cannot be changed or removed, but additional and preferred numbers can be added.
  • Check the education and experience examples for preferred format. Entries should be succinct.
  • Enter the appropriate information.
  • When finished, log off.
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