Getting Started

Step 1: Animal User Orientation

First complete the UW Animal User Orientation. This online course must be completed prior to starting a new protocol or being added to an existing protocol.

Step 2: Safety and Animal Contact

Required safety training is provided through the department of Environment, Health, and Safety (EH&S). To access their safety training and complete a required University Health Services (UHS) health risk assessment, go to EHS. Click on the drop down for “Available Training” and follow the steps.

For questions about EHS safety training, call 608-445-4516.

Contact University Health Services for questions about their health risk assessment.

Step 3: Species Specific or Surgery Courses

You will be notified via email of required species-specific or surgery courses after you have been added to an approved protocol. To see a list of courses you are required to complete, go to your “My Profile.

Step 4: For New Principal Investigators: Meet & Greet

A “Meet and Greet” will be arranged when you begin a new protocol on campus, at which time an RARC trainer and an RARC veterinarian will be available to answer any questions you may have regarding the UW animal program. Please contact RARC trainers with any questions.

After-Hours Emergency Veterinarian