The Research Animal Resources and Compliance (RARC) Comparative Pathology Lab (CPL) was founded in 1983 to provide diagnostic and consultative pathology and laboratory services to the research lab animal community at UW – Madison.

Services include:
  • Pathology: Diagnostic and Consultative
  • Clinical Pathology: hematology,
    parasitology, and clinical chemistry testing
  • Histology services
  • Rodent health surveillance
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Animal disease monitoring and investigation
Mission Statement

The Comparative Pathology Laboratory of the University of Wisconsin-Madison is dedicated to the study of comparative pathology in a wide variety of species as well as investigation of animal models of human disease. The laboratory is responsible for providing diagnostic services for laboratory animal veterinarians and labs on the UW campus and is an intrinsic part of the veterinary effort to keep our research animals healthy and well cared for. The laboratory welcomes collaborations with investigators using all species of animals.

Please call the Comparative Pathology Lab (CPL) at 608-263-6464 for additional information or assistance.